Weinspection declarations

Statement of Service Commitments and Impartiality

In order to guarantee the impartiality, scientificity and authority of all the inspections, Weinspection hereby states the following declarations:
1. Weinspection guarantees to establish our management system,maintenance and continue to improve it as per the requirements of CNAS17020 (ISO/IEC17020) as an inspection body.
2. As an inspection agency of Type A, Weinspection declares treating every customer equally adhere to open, fair and non-discriminatory service policy. Weinspection guarantees the provision of scientific, impartial, accurate and satisfactory inspection services to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved in the inspection.
3. The inspection activities carried out by Weinspection shall not be subject to administrative, economic or other interference and influence. All staff members shall consciously resist the temptation of various economic interests or the improper interference from various aspects, and shall not be able to resist all the rights policy of external pressure.
4. All employees of Weinspection should strictly abide by the "Rules of professional conduct" and "Code of Conduct of Employees" and other relevant rules and regulations, in the inspection process it is strictly prohibited to attend all the activities of damaging the independence and integrity during the process of inspection. With the honest work attitude, our employees insist to provide satisfactory service for our customers in a scientific, fair, accurate way.
5. Weinspection strictly abides the relevant laws, regulations of China and the accreditation bodies, and be responsible for the correctness of the inspection reports issued and actively participate in the comparison and verification of competencies between international and national inspection agencies so as to continuously improve the inspection level and capability of the company.
6. Weinspection guarantees to keep the trade secrets and technical secrets known in the inspection activities in order to protect the confidential information and ownership of the customer and to bear the relevant legal liability arising from negligence.
7. In order to ensure the impartiality of our company more effectively, we has been implemented by “Procedures for Ensuring Impartiality, Independence and Operational Integrity”.
All the employees of Weinspection should strictly observe above declaration stations. We welcome supervision from all circles of the society as well.

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