Smart Solution 6:

One Stop Service

Weinspection provide One Stop Service for you to solve all of these troubles:
Supplier evaluation, verification of samples, engineering improvement and quality
control inspections from the raw material incoming to final products.

One Stop Service (OSS)

If you are the importer/ buyer, and you have a new supplier, but you don't know it,?
If you are the importer/ buyer, and you have a new sample, you want to import it, but you don't know the quality?
If you are the importer/ buyer, but you don't have the engineer for the product quality control,?
If you are the importer/buyer, your products are running production in one factory which in 3000kilometer away from you, and you want to know how the production running?
If you are the importer/ buyer, the production of your purchaing products already finished, but you don't know the quality of the products?
If you are the importer/ buyer, you want some body be your eyes to witness the loading of goods into container?

Weinspection provide One Stop Service for you to solve all of these troubles. Our One Stop Service (OSS) covers but not limited to below items:

1."SEA"-Supplier Evaluation Audit, We assist you to know how is your new supplier;
2."PPT"-Product Prototype Testing, We run the testing to your samples from supplier to detect the non-conformities of the quality of samples, improve it, make sure it meets the safety requirements before lot production;
3."BYE"-Be Your Engineer, Weinspection's engineers can be your engineers to make the engineering of your products/development.
4."BYQF"-Be Your QC in Factory", Weinspection's engineer can be your QC staying in the factory to follow the production and your instructions and reporting to you by daily.
5. "DPI"-During Production Inspection, We conduct the DPI to detect the Non-conformities in early stages of production, to avoid the re-work of full lots of cargos, cost and time saved both from you and factory.
6."SAM"-Sample Picking, We conduct the sample picking from the lot to send it to you or laboratory to evaluate the complyings.
7."CC"-Construction Check, We conduct the Construction Check to the samples in the laboratory to see if the samples comply with the safety requirements / certification versions.
8."RHF"-Resistance to Heat and Fire testing, We conduct the Resistance to Heat and Fire testing to the plastic of key components/insulation plastic to avoid the risk of catching fire of your products be in using by consumer.
9."PSI"-Pre-Shipment Inspection, We conduct the PSI, tell you how is the compliance / quality of your final products before you ship them.
10."CLS"-Container Loading Supervision, We witness the loading of your cargos into the container, to make sure the correct cargos with correct quantity loaded into the container in correct way.