Pre-Shipment Inspection

Inspection conducting when 80% ready, inspector will verify the quality, marking, packaging,
functional,verify to your PO/PI/Specification, verify your requirements, conduct testing, making
measurements and taking photos.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI)are a most popular way chosen by the importer to measure the quality and compliance of the comsumer goods. This inspection conducted before the cargo's shipment. Normally this inspection is conducting under the condition of 100% production and 80% packaging finished of all inspection models of the cargos. Weinspection's inspector will randomly picking the samples from the lot of cargos to conduct the inspection as per the sampling plan and AQL standard: ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003. Normally, for consumer products inspection, weinspection 's system defines that : Combine the inspection by each PO/PI, the sampling plan: Level 2, AQL: CRI=0,MAJ=1.0, MIN=2.5; Weinspection follow customer's instruction regarding the sampling plan and AQL(For example, Sampling plan Level 1, AQL: CRI=0,MAJ=1.0,MIN=4.0; to reduce the sample size.).
Very clear and detail photos are taken by the inspector during the inspection, inspector will conduct the inspection as per requirements of below: customer's product specification; the approval samples provided by customer; the purchasing contract between customer and vendor; the IEC, EN, UL or other international standard of the product category; the regulations of cargo's destination country(Special for custom clearance).
Normally, the below items are covered in weinspection's PSI inspection report: Merchandise information; General result of inspection; Packing; On-site test conducting; Measurement data; Workmanship; Marking and Labeling; Product specification; Special requirements by customer; Destination regulation requirements; Inspection photos.
All defects are explained and clarify to the representative of factory; All defects defected by inspector are required to take photos, defective samples are sealed and send to customer for final confirmation if required by customer.
A draft report is issued to the factory once the inspection is completed. Weinspection guarantees that the formal report will be delivered to customer within 24hours after the completion of the inspection. The customer has the final decision to approve or reject the shipment after checking the PSI report.